New Hampshire Colony

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What We Have To Offer

  • STATUS - you can proudly say you are part of one of the original colonies after joining
  • RELIGION- converting to a puritan will guarantee your entrance to heaven
  • INDUSTRY- we get much of our wealth from fishing, livestock farming, and potato farming

Influential People

Industry/Jobs Opportunities

We revolve a lot around sawmills, ship yards and merchant warehouses and are not closed to offering you to be a part of these industries to boost our and soon to be your economic status


Here in New Hampshire are Puritans and do not fret if you have no religion you can be converted and forgiven for your sin here. As puritans we are more pure then those that attend the shameful church in England. We have formed an agreement with god and you can as well we are simply required to live by the angelic scriptures that will save us from the wrathful hand of god that will wipe away those sinful humans

reasons to come join

  • We are protected by God here and do not catch as many diseases as the other sinful areas
  • Though we have difficulty cropping we are provided with the natural resources of fish,fur, and whales
  • We all know basic carpentry to be able to repair our homes and are willing to teach you as well
  • We are the 7th successful and protected settlement

Just know...

We are positive that we can help you with your bond with god and lifestyle. We have safe customs that keeps everyone here holy and will be lightly punished if they rebel. We also have a school system and attend church on a regular basis in which we are taught our life purpose through scriptures, though we do get the occasional sinner who will sleep at gods words. But there is no need to judge for we will beat away the sin with a brass tipped staff. Our households are very happy and tranquil you can be assured your wife with have a joyous time cooking over our warming fire as the men do the occasional services for our colony

become a member

please consider coming to us within the following months or years depending your location

New Hampshire

43.1939° N, 71.5724° W