Diving Dolphins

Julianna Davino


Close your eyes, and imagine the sight of the blue, radiant, beautiful dolphins jumping in the air happily, and splashing back down into the majestic ocean. You may even want to ride on them! Some of the important things about these graceful swimmers are habitat, body structure, and diet.


Truly dolphins are fascinating to learn about. Don’t you think that these marine mammals have an appealing habitat, body structure, and diet? In fact due to their smarts, dolphins have an easy ability to respond to training from humans, so they can do spectacular performances in front of people. Without a doubt dolphins are certainly beautiful, brilliant, elegant creatures.

Think Tank

You are looking at my word wall filled with descriptions about dolphins.
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Go Fish

In the “Go Fish” workshop, we made a fish tank filled with any decorations we want, and buy fish. The types of fish I put in my fish tank are, one Powder Blue Tang, one Blue Female Crowntail Betta, Lemon Peel Angelfish, and Strawberry Dottyback. The colors of the Powder Blue Tang is blue, yellow, and navy blue. The Blue Female Crowntail Betta is a shiny, radiant blue and this is my favorite one. The Lemon Peel Angelfish is mostly yellow with blue outline. The Strawberry Dottyback fish is a mixture of magenta, pink, and violet. It is very pretty. We also had a budget that was $250, and we can’t go over it. I spent in total $87.67. Luckily I didn’t go over the budget. My theme was turquoise. The reason why I chose turquoise is because it is my favorite color. I had blue, turquoise, and white gravel for my tank, a blue plant, and two blue fish. I will need 12 gallons of water in my fish tank since my subtotal inches of fish is 12 inches. I like this “Go Fish” workshop because you can “pretend” decorate your own fish tank with decorations, and put

beautiful, stunning fish in it.


This is my diorama. #1 is a dolphin #2 jellyfish #3 shark #4 seahorse #5 is coral #6 is a crab #7 is a sea turtle #8 is a clown fish #9 is a star fish. I used pipe cleaners, construction paper, sea shells, and sand paper.
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In this video you will be seeing dolphins doing spectacular tricks. Enjoy!!
The Complete 2009 "Dolphin Discovery" Show at SeaWorld