Come to HD 40307g

Earths Second Chance

The time to move is now!

HD 40307g which is now named BOB is nearly double the size of Earth with a diameter of 25512.4 km. Break out the party hats because the length of each year on BOB is is only 198 Earth days so those new year parties will come up fast! Be prepared to get buff! The gravity on BOB is at least 2 times Earths so for the first few months everything's going to be a great work out! Age calculation is take earth years x 365 then divide by 198 (days in a BOB year) and you get your age on BOB ex 18x365=6570/198=33.18 BOB years old


Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 9pm

All Major US Cities

Get your tickets know and be ready for a long trip! BOB is 42 light years from Earth.

Habitability of BOB

The planet is in the famed "Goldy Locks Zone" where it is warm enough for liquid water. BOB is not tidally locked which means that the planet rotates, giving BOB both day and nights. BOB sits roughly 90 million km from its sun. The conditions of BOB's atmosphere are currently unknown but will be available in the near future. BOB has no known moons and the other