By: Taylor Bondurant

When, where, who and how many?

The day the twin towers fell was on September 11, 2011 in New York City. At approximately 9:40 am the first plane hit the North tower. Then at 10:05 the south tower fell by the second plane. The third plane crashed in the Pentagon just outside Washington D.C. The fourth crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Osama bin laden was the mind behind the whole thing and more than 2,000 people died.

Overcoming bias

To show solidarity with these three thousand victims, we have got rid of three trillion dollars ($1 billion per victim), and trashed long-standing legal principles. And now we’ll waste a day remembering them, instead of thinking seriously about how to save billions of others. I would rather we just forgot 9/11. Does this sound insensitive? If so, good — 9/11 deaths were less than one part in a hundred thousand of deaths since then, and don’t deserve to be sensed much more than that fraction

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Cultural criticism

9/11 is cultural criticism for so many reasons. We are now predigest towards museums because of 19 individuals who crashed 4 planes in to two buildings. Muslims might be as nice as they can be but just because of that one incident we don't trust any.
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