Medieval Europe Era

By AJ Theisen 1A Mikulas

Catholic Church Unifying Europe Politically & Socially Post Fall of Rome:

The Catholic Church unified Europe politically through priests having leadership roles in the church and unified Europe socially through building up the Catholic Church and bringing the religion as an important role of the people in Europe.

Contributions to Medieval Era in Europe:

The Crusades: Islam needed western support & protection for the Byzantine territory. Pope Urban II called on the West to fight against Muslims, but Saladin defeated Crusaders in Battle of Hattin and took back Jerusalem.

The Plague: The Plague really affected trade & lives of all the people in Europe as so many died from it. Trade was huge throughout Europe & with this trade helped the plague spread very quickly & made a mass grave throughout Europe and its trade routes.

The Great Schism: Pope Urban was risen up from the Great Schism after Gregory XI died. Cardinals were forced to elect a new Italian pope, which would be Pope Urban VI.

The Hundreds of years of War: Monarchies and aristocracies believed that war was pure politics. Off of this, many wars came about as it was a chain reaction to other wars that aren't even related to the original reason for the start of the wars. Like the war between France & England which included more of Western Europe at times and went on for a long time with no real resolution to be within reach.

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Key Elements of Art & Architecture in Medieval Europe

Key elements of Art & Architecture included the Romanesque & Gothic architecture which was seen in building churches. Art was seen in the churches as well through stained glass & rose windows seen in both types of architectures. Another element of art was the illuminated Manuscripts. Romanesque included the ribbed vaults on the ceilings along with a dome shape & also had high pointed arches. They had the stained glass which told the stories of the bible & these need to be included in cathedrals. Rose windows were included as well. Gothic had more of the flying buttresses & much of the stained glass & rose windows were seen as well.
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