Kindergarten Orientation

For the 2023-24 School Year

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Welcome to Deerfield

The purpose of Kindergarten Orientation is to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten and to Deerfield!

I hope this newsletter will help you become familiar with Deerfield and our kindergarten program. You will be receiving a newsletter in early August full of beginning of the year information!

We know that everyone is anxious to find out class placements. We do not take parent request for specific teachers, but we do ask that you share information about your child to help our teachers make informed decisions about the best placement (see survey below).

This fall your child will be placed in a TENTATIVE class. Teachers will then use the first 10 days of school to get to know your child and solidify placements that create the best learning environment for all students. Parents will be notified by the 2nd Friday of the school year of any changes to placement. Parents will have an opportunity to meet with their assigned teacher in August.

**** Note: ALL KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS WILL START SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 8:00am-11:15 am (no lunch served).

Register Your Kindergartner

As a reminder, the following documents are necessary to complete your child’s enrollment. If you haven’t already submitted them, you may bring them to the Welcome Center or email them to your child’s school. We invite you to visit or call the Welcome Center at 785-330-1921 if you have any questions about online enrollment. The Welcome Center is open from 7:30 a.m.-4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday at 110 McDonald Drive, and no appointment is necessary.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Record
  • Health Physical signed by a physician or health care provider (can be no older than August 16, 2022)
  • Proof of Residency— Acceptable proof of residency must be one of the following documents: a current gas, electric, or water bill, a lease agreement or contract on a recently purchased home, or your motor vehicle registration. We cannot accept phone, cable, or other miscellaneous bills or tax and mortgage statements. If you do not have this documentation in your name, the person with whom you reside must fill out a notarized affidavit and provide the documentation in their name. Affidavits and notaries are available at the Enrollment Center.
Survey: Tell Us About Your Kindergartner!

Help us get to know your kindergartner by completing this survey! (This is the same survey that was sent in an email and posted on the Kindergarten Google Site.)

ASQ-3 Parent Information

The state of Kansas has provided school districts with a tool to obtain information regarding your child's strengths and any areas that may need additional supports as they enter kindergarten. This tool is called the ASQ-3. We know that parents are the best source of information about their child. You are an active partner in your child’s learning and development. Please use the website link or QR Code below to access and complete this quick and easy screener. It will only take about 10-15 minutes.

Basic Overview of Screener

There will be two parts to the screener and both will need to be completed during the same setting.You will answer questions based on what your child is able to do. You will have three possible responses to each question:

  • “Yes”
  • “Sometimes”
  • “Not yet”
If the behavior/activity is not observable, it is ok to leave the question unmarked. Your child may be able to do some of the items and that is perfectly fine.

The ASQ-3 looks at five developmental areas:

  • Communication: Your child’s language skills, both what is understood and can be said.
  • Gross Motor: How your child uses his/her arms, legs and other large muscles for sitting, crawling, walking , running and other activities.
  • Fine Motor: The child’s hand and finger movement and coordination
  • Problem Solving: How your child plays with toys and solves problems.
  • Personal-Social: Your child’s self-help skills and interactions with others.
There is an “Overall” section that asks questions about your child’s overall development and about any concerns you may have. The last portion of the screener addresses the social-emotional development of your child. This includes self-regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive behaviors, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people.

We will use the information to celebrate your child’s strengths and provide support in areas of greater challenge.

To complete this snapshot tool, please access the URL listed below or scan the QR Code.

You will select the option that says:

  • "I am completing both the ASQ:SE-2™ and ASQ-3™ questionnaires."
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KSDE Kindergarten Readiness Fact Sheet - ASQ

Read More About the Ages & Stages Questionnaire by Clicking Here.

OPTIONAL SURVEY: Student Abilities Survey

OPTIONAL SURVEY: If you'd like to provide more information about your incoming kindergartener's aptitudes and abilities, please fill out this optional survey.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Click here to learn more about the Kindergarten core curriculum. (You will be prompted to make a copy)

Sample Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Below is a sample Kindergarten schedule to give you and idea of what kindergarten might look like for your child. The Wednesday schedule is similar, but with an early release at 1:35
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Deerfield PTO

Our Deerfield PTO is very active in supporting our school and our children! Please visit our PTO Web Page Here!

PTO meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7:00-8:00 in our Music Room or via Webex/Zoom. Everyone is invited to attend and we have free child care for your children during the meeting!

Here are some ways you can get involved and stay informed!

  • Make Deerfield PTO your community rewards organization at Dillon’s and help our school every time you shop with your Dillon’s Plus Card:
  • Start collecting Hy-Vee receipts and Boxtops for Education to turn in at Deerfield School in the fall. These this generate a monetary donation for our school at no additional cost to you!

PTO Getting Involved!

Check out all the work our PTO does to support our school. There are a number of committees that need your help!

See a list of our PTO Committees HERE, then complete the PTO Getting Involved Survey below! Someone will contact you!

Remind Text Messages

We use the Remind app to text out Deerfield reminders. If you would like to receive text message reminders from Deerfield, please subscribe by following the directions below:

If your student's last name begins with A-D, Text the message @deera-d to the number 81010.

If your student's last name begins with E-K, Text the message @deere-k to the number 81010.

If your student's last name begins with L-Q, Text the message @deerl-q to the number 81010.

If your student's last name begins with R-Z, Text the message @deerr-z to the number 81010.

You will be prompted to reply with your full name. Please text back with your first and last name and your student's name in parenthesis i.e. Joni Appleman (Jacob)

If you have trouble with 81010, try texting your code above to (563)-265-6842.

Deerfield Website

An abundance of information can be found on our school website. Please familiarize yourself by finding the following: School Handbook, Traffic Plan - Important to know procedures! Meal Menu, Staff Contact List, Newsletter, Calendar