Teen Pregnancy

By: Shakia Griffin

Health Risks

  • Poor eating habits- Deprive the mother of adequate nutrition may lead to pregnancy- induced hypertension. (Folic Acid). Deprive the fetus of adequate nutrition.
  • Skeletal Structure not fully developed- The mother is more likely to experience problems with spine and pelvic bones during pregnancy and birth. Danger to the baby during delivery.
  • High blood pressure- Effects the mother with poor kidney, heart, and blood circulation. May lead to death higher for teens under the age 15 than adults. Greater risk of premature delivery, stillbirth, and miscarriage.
  • Failure to go the the doctor- Greater health risks for the mother and the baby.
  • Exposure to substances (smoking, drinking, and drugs)- Can lead the mother to increased heart rate, blood pressure, rapid breathing, reduces the flow of blood. Can also lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, growth defects, intestinal abnormalities, hyperactivity, uncontrollable trembling, hearing problems, and addiction.

Impact on educational choices

  1. 70% of pregnant teens never graduate from high school.
  2. Less-likely to go to college.
  3. The child will grow up in poverty.

Financial problems

  • Low paying jobs with less money to meet expenses.
  • Long hours to meet demanding expenses.
  • Will more than likely end up working 2 jobs just to make ends meet.

Emotional/ Social Stress

  1. Will not be able to hangout with her friends like she normally would.
  2. Will not emotionally be ready to take care of a little baby because all her life she has been only taking care of herself.
  3. Have a specific routine that you have to follow now since you have a baby to care for.
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