My Learning Style

By Blake Inabinett

Tactile/Bodily Kenisthetic Learner

I am a Bodily Kenisthetic learner, which means I learn best through hands-on activities, where I use physical movement. Bodily Kenisthetic learners specialize in the ability to use the body/tools to perform actions or complete tasks.

Things Bodily Kenisthetic can do to learn better include:

  • Participating in activities that involve touching, moving, building or drawing.
  • Tracing a word with your finger to help you learn to spell new words
  • Tapping your pencil, bouncing your foot, or holding onto something while learning

Job Opportunities for Bodily Kenisthetic Learners

Bodily Kenisthetic learners often prefer jobs where they are active and on the go, as opposed to sedentary office jobs.

Job opportunities include:

  • Teachers
  • Jobs in the medical field (ex: Physicians/Surgeons, Pharmacists, and Physical Therapists)
  • Construction workers and contractors
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Firefighters
  • Military

Preferences of a Bodily Kenisthetic Learner

Bodily Kenisthetic learners are often very active and on the go. They would prefer to relax by doing something active (playing sports, running, walking) instead of laying down or resting. They would much rather participate in a hands on project than write a paper. Bodily Kenisthetic learners prefer, and benefit more by doing.