Hurricane Hunters

National Geographic Explorer Book

Learning Targets

I can read and comprehend informational text.
  • I can use details to explain why a hurricane is dangerous.
  • I can comprehend visual information.

Essential Questions:

Why is a hurricane dangerous?

How does visual information help you understand the main idea?

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Activate Prior Knowledge

Describe the biggest storm you have ever experienced. Include sensory details that describe how it looked, sounded, and felt.

Build Background Knowledge


VIDEO: Hurricanes 101

VISUAL INFORMATION: Scaling Hurricanes Chart, page 8

VISUAL INFORMATION: A Mighty Wind Diagram, pages 8-9


How does visual information (images, video, Scaling Hurricanes chart, and A Mighty Wind diagram) help you understand more about hurricanes?


Before reading:

  1. Say, write, and rate the word.
  2. Tell what you know about the word.
  3. Define the word.
  4. Tell how the word connects to your experience or knowledge.

Mini-Lesson: Comprehend Visual Information

Academic Talk

Explain the paths of a hurricane off the West Coast of the U.S.

Tell how this information adds to what you already know about hurricanes.

Preview and Predict

Preview the title, table of contents, headings, visual information, and captions.

What do you predict you will learn as you read Hurricane Hunters?

During Reading

Reading Tasks

  1. Read aloud with your partner by alternating sentences or reading chorally.
  2. Reread the text to yourself.
  3. Identify the main idea and supporting details for each section (2 text details and 1 visual detail for each main idea).
  4. Complete the Word Wise Words vocabulary chart.
  5. Use details from the text to answer the Concept Check questions at the back of the book. Support each response with text evidence and its page number.



Why is a hurricane dangerous?


How does visual information help you understand the main idea?
Reteach Resource: Learnzillion

Use this link to see a video about how to use diagrams and graphic aids to understand a text's meaning.