Beat Your Best in September

Stella & Dot - Team Rowell - September 2013

Beat Your Best

Are you ready to Beat Your Best? That's the theme for this month and no matter where you are in your Stella & Dot business, it's a great motivator for this month. Tysh Mefford, Stella & Dot's first ever Diamond Director is challenging her entire team (that includes us), to shoot for the stars. The challenge is to determine what your personal best is before this moment in time. For me, my best was last October with $4606 in sales. My goal this month? To hit $5000 in retail and earn that Stellar Seller award. Not only would I earn that elusive Stellar Seller, but I'd also be stacking up those style rewards for our Holiday Collection in October.

Beat Your Best can also be about the number of stylists you sponsor. For the month of September, my goal is to sponsor two new stylists, as well as continue to support the amazing ladies already on my team. Looking to grow your team? Maybe this is the challenge for you.

No matter what your best is and what you want it to be, it's absolutely doable! Goals are always more real when you voice them out loud and share them with people who can support you. Send me what your goals are for the month of September, and you'll win a set of mini Look Books. Minis are great tools for building your business. I write notes in them and send them out to prospective hostesses. I'm also sure to keep some in my purse. When someone compliments my jewelry or my Madison Tote, i give them a mini and get their contact info.

September is a great month for your Stella & Dot business. The momentum you can gain during this month will impact your Fall/Winter. Did you know that the last part of the year is our highest selling season? What will you do with your little blue card? Dream big!



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Exclusive Hostess Boutique

Rock the Summer is over and these pieces will be here soon. And it's a great booking tool to build up your fall shows. Show these exclusive pieces at your trunk shows to fill your calendar. Available to September - December hostesses only, while supplies last.

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Stack Up Your Rewards

During the month of September, for every $1000 you sell, you earn $100 in free product...unlimited!

When you sponsor in September and that stylist has two qualified shows, you earn free product.

What does this mean? Lots of opportunity for free product. And you're going to want product credit. I got a sneak peek of the Holiday Collection today at Boot Camp . . . awesomeness!!! If you're in your Jumpstart, this is a great way to earn even more credit. And if you're out of your Jumpstart, it's the perfect chance to build up credit and your inventory.

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Sponsoring in September

Why is September a great to sponsor a new stylist on your team?

1. Stack Up Rewards + Jumpstart = Oodles of free product!!!

2. Fun, easy, flexible!

3. Biggest selling season of the year!

4. Just in time for the Holiday Launch

5. Pay for your own upcoming holiday shopping