Rudy Project

Setting Goals

My Academic Goal is to go to college and become a pediatrician.

My Athletic Goal is to get better and to run faster.

My Personal Goal is to get a good career and raise up for a house.


Some teachers I can rely on is Mr.Adrian and Mrs.Fisk.

Some relatives I can rely on is my mom,dad, and aunt.

My friends that I can rely on is Alyssa and Betsy.

Overcoming Obstacles

A Physical Obstacle is that I have asthma and that will get in my way of running.

A Family Obstacle is that I have younger siblings and I am the oldest and they will want to play or do something with me but I need to finish homework.

A School Obstacle is that sometimes the people in my class talks to much when the teacher is talking and the teacher always has to stop what she is saying until they quiet down and wastes more class time.

A Financial Obstacle is that my family will not have enough money to pay for college.

Your personal action plan

An Attitude/Motivation plan is that I have to have a positive attitude towards learning.

An Education Plan is to try to get straight A's in high school.

A Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills is to get used to being with kids because I want to be a pediatrician.

A Plan for Study and Practice is to take notes and study them everyday.