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The Majestic car by RCR cars

This car is called the Majestic made by RCR cars. This car is the first of its kind with an amazing horse power of 2 and with a max speed of 10 mph. this car has a very high potential to be a fantastic car! The Majestic is a four door car. It has five seats and still has enough room to fit all seats with fully grown men. The Majestic has an easy grip steering wheel, which almost anyone of a good age can hold and steer it. The Majestic is a smooth drive for Monday to Sunday. The Majestic has four manual windows that are easy to access for anybody!

The car is a light shade of grey with six tires, which only four are used and two are for spare. It has a bright, new, silver grill at the front used to stop bugs from going into the engine and for aesthetics. This brand new motor machine has automatic windscreen wipers if rain, bugs or any other unwanted material on your windscreen.

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For sale now for $50

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You should choose this car because it is the most reliable car that you can find!

This car is granted to be perfect!

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