The Renaissance

By: Jordan Salazar

What was the change?

The Medieval Age or most commonly know as the Dark Age was about the surviving and soon over time they forgot about education. The Renaissance Age was about the rebirth of art, educating, literature.The city of Florence, Italy was the main source of trading and education.

who were the people associated with the change?

Leonardo da Vinci helped with the changed. he was a artist, scientist, inventor, mathematics. he made prototypes about flying machines more than 300 years before it was perfected. [ one of the Vinci invention]

Machiavelli was a politician who believed that humans were cunning, unprincipled and he believes that a leader needs to be better than people: smarter,deceiving and more cunninger than the people. He changed how to look at the government.

Gutenberg improved the printing press which back then was hard to make books or newspaper. Since Gutenberg improved the printing press people made bibles in vancular and produced more in a month than they would in five months.

how did the change impact society at that time?

It created new opportunities for people such as guilds which each guilds were good at something. An example would be people who are good with making stuff out of wood they would be carpenters. The printing press made it easier for people to learn in their native language and made education easier. They soon started to crave for education insted of surviving.

How is that change edivenced in today's modern society?

the Renaissance Age helped us with technology that improved over time such as Leonardo invention and Gutenberg made the printing press. the Renaissance men taught us to be like them. Modern Renaissance Men are similar to the the Renaaissance Men. The Renaissance Men gave people mental strength.