What's Happening September 19-23

Raven Homeschool, Delta Junction

Events this week

September 19 Office closed for lunch, 11 am - 1 pm.

September 20 10 am - noon. High School Writing Workshop #1 with Kathy Vander Zwaag (Mrs. VZ). How to write to a prompt for standardized testing. Open to all High School students. Classes cost $25 each. If you opt to take all four and sign up by Monday, September 19 by noon, the cost will be $80 (That's a $20 discount!)

September 20 Terrific Tuesdays - Hawks (Grades 6-8) 2 - 4 pm. Students will join Ms. Heidi for a short activity and some social time. No electronic games allowed.

September 21 Art-iculate 1 pm Open to all grades. Join Ms Heidi in completing an art project. Learn about Artist Keith Haring and his Action Figure Art. Students will then get to make their own action figure art in Haring's style.

September 22 10 am - noon Writing Workshop #2 with Mrs. VZ. Writing to Publish.

September 23 Science Classes with Mr. Bergey for the Elementary Grades. At 10 am be here to play with Slime! Join him again at 1 to learn how chocolate is made and get to taste the delicious product! Mr. Bergey is back again at 4 pm to explore explosions! You had to have signed up for these classes in advance. If you did not sign up earlier, please call to see if there is space. The Slime class cost is $60, Chocolate is $70 and Explosions is $60. If you have science on your ILP, the funds (if available) may be taken from the student account.

September 23 - Turn in your September books orders by noon, please.

Battle of the Books

We are still taking sign ups for Battle of the Books. Teams can be made up of students in grades Kindergarten-2, 3-4, 5-6, Middle School and High School. We need to order a set for each level that is planning to compete. Please let us know by October 2nd if you would like to participate.

Calling all students Grades 9-12

It is time for the Moose Youth Awareness Program (YAP). Yap is a program that teaches teenagers to mentor students age Pre-K - 9 in making good choices. Younger children look up to teenagers and learn behaviors from those same teenagers. High School students learn leadership skills and become more aware of the impact they have on younger children. Younger children learn to make better choices when confronted with bullying, drugs, healthy habits and "stranger danger" to name a few topics that can be covered. Students that participate will travel to the Anchorage Moose Lodge for a 2-day training. When they return, they will prepare their topics to present "KidsTalks" to groups of children ages 4 to about 9.

High School students have an opportunity to earn scholarships as well as a chance to attend the International YAP Congress to meet with YAP students from around the United States.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the office for applications and more information.

Looking Ahead

September 26 Science Classes with Mr. Bergey for Grades 6 - 12. Slime will be made and played with at 10 am. Chocolate will be made and eaten at 1 pm. Explosions will be experienced at 4 pm. Classes are pretty much full. If you did not already sign up, please call the office to see if there are any openings.

September 27 - 10 am - noon Writing Workshop #3 with Mrs. VZ. Writing and Formatting a Resume.

September 27 - Terrific Tuesdays with the Owls (Grades 9 - 12) Ryan will be here to meet with any students that want to talk classes, college, unions and more. UAF Rep, Amy Wald, will also be here to give information and answer questions.

September 26 - 30 Julie will be out of the office.

September 29 10 am - noon. Writing Workshop #4 with Mrs. VZ. Student's Choice.

October 3 The September Healthy Futures Logs must be turned in today for credit.

October 3 at 1 pm - St Jude's Math-a-thon Kick off. Students in grades K - 8 have the opportunity to support St. Jude's Children's Hospital and earn prizes. Call Julie at the office to get more information and to sign-up or join us at the Kick off to get your book and sponsor sheets.

October 4 Terrific Tuesdays with the Puffins (Grades Pre-K to 2) 2 - 4 pm.

October 5 Art Tour at Ms Nancy's. 10:30 am.

October 5 Parent Advisory Committee meeting 1 pm.

October 5 School Pictures 3:30.

October 7 Heidi will be out of the office.

October 11 Terrific Tuesdays Wolves (grades 3-5)and Hawks (grades 6-8), 2 - 4 pm.

October 12 Fire Department Field Trip 1 pm.

October 13 YAP Meeting 10 am.

October 14 Math-a-thon books and sponsor sheets to be turned in.

October 14 Heidi will be out of the office.

October 18 - 20 BOOK FAIR! 1 - 4 pm each day.

October 21 Heidi will be out of the office.

October 25 Terrific Tuesday Owls (Grades 9-12), 2 - 4 pm.

October 25 YAP Meeting 2 pm.

October 27 Math-a thon Wrap up, 11 am.

October 27 Nancy's Art Class 1 pm - Willow Weaving. Sign up by Monday, October 24 if you plan to attend.

October 28 Heidi will be out of the office.