Tradeshow Learning

What i learned while being a co-owner of Sweet tooth

Skills, Opportunities, and Education

Trade Show was an amazing experience. I was able to get the chance to found, create, and run a company with 2 other partners. It was a well-built, productive time of exposure in which I learned many valuable skills. Many of these skills were useful when it came to meeting deadlines, writing formal pieces such as my business plan, and partnership proposal. It was a very rich opportunity to work with others to achieve one common goal; create a successful, fun experience with Trade Show. With hardwork and determination, we were able to break even, organize our time(manufacturing, sharing work), and preparing to meet, talk to, and persuade potential customers on the day of.

Specific Values You Need to be a Good Team Member

What Values I Learned Were Important


To work well in a team, I learned you have to tell the truth, from giving feedback to admitting to your mistakes. This helps the company grow so all group members are notified of any problems in the company.


If you have caused a problem, made a mistake, or missed a deadline, you need to take the responsibility of living up to the problem so you and your teammates can take steps to solve the task at hand.

-Good Listener

In a group, it is very important to listen to your team member's suggestions, ideas, and plans, because it may impact/help the company in a very positive way. Also, you need to provide criticism to other's ideas, and to do that you need to completely understand where they are coming from.


You MUST be organized, for yourself and your teammates. This ensures that no important documents are misplaced, left out, or forgotten about. Also, if you have the duty of fulfilling your share of work, or keeping something safe, you need to keep your end of the bargain so your group members can do the same.

Trade Show Character Traits Wordle


Trade Show was a unique entrepreneurial experience. It has taught me many things that other's my age wouldn't know, things about being a good team member, how to manage a company, and how to be set goals. Hopefully I will be able to do something similar to Trade Show, as enrichment like this is vary rare.