THS Tech Weekly

Week of 9.16.2013

100% Tech Usage

We were at 100% for tech usage for this week - which also means we were at 100% for lessons turned in. THS Teachers Rock!

Ted Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing

If you are a fan of TED talks, you may like TED-Ed. These are lessons created around videos. With questions aimed to help students think deeper about a topic, TED Ed videos are great introductions to topics or the catalyst for essay writing, etc. Here is an example of a Ted-Ed lesson on a topic of interest to most teenagers, "What is Love":

You can either use a Ted-Ed lesson already created or create one of your own. These can be linked from within your Moodle course or Facebook Page. Students can also create accounts and answer online, but you can work around that if it is too much "signing up" to do.

You may have never heard the term "infographic", but chances are you have seen them. They are everywhere and both analyzing and creating them are great ways to get students using higher order thinking skills. Whether a timeline, visualizing a process, or just reporting research information, infographics can be used in a wide variety of disciplines.