World War I

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When World War I Started

World war I started on July 28,1914. World War started because Franz Ferdinand of Austria in context of an already critical situation. It went on for four years. It was the most deadly war that happened.

A Few Weapons In World War I

The most used weapon was poisonous gas,and was the most effecting and damaging weapon they used. Anther weapon was the Devil gun it shot a four mile distance.The also used riffles and a bunch more. The Germans were the first to use flamethrowers. Flamethrower could fire jets of fire as far as to 130 feet.

What Dose Blitzkrieg Mean?

Blitzkrieg means lightning war. Blitzkrieg is tatic used by Germans.The Germans would attack like greased lightning with a compact and mobile force. It was only for the germans so they would know when to attack.

Dogs In World War I

Dogs were used to be messengers and carried orders to the front line in capsules attached to there bodies.Dog also were used to lay down telegraph wires in World War I. Dog were important in World War I because they would send messages to other people.

How Many People Died In World War I

Over than 35 million civilian and solders casualties in World War I.Over 15 million died and 20 million were wounded in World War I. Nearly 2/3 of military deaths in World War I. In previous conflicts most deaths were due to disease.