Carla Arena

Juggler, curious, an eternal learner, geek, educator

Some Details

I am passionate about learning and sharing. That's why I became a teacher. A call that I couldn't resist after venturing professionally as a government employee. I love exploring new pedagogical possibilities, and with the digital tools we have today, we can always go beyond, in search for new connections, conversations and learning. I feel privileged to work in a Binational in Brasilia, the English Institute Casa Thomas Jefferson, where I'm always around people who inspire me, ignite my creative juices and let me share what I learn with my network. I believe that being an educator is to be in constant motion towards learning. And that's what feeds my spirit and keeps it young.

In my spare time, I love being with friends, preferably, with an apron preparing some culinary alchemy. Reading and photography are also part of what gives me joy, but not more than my dear family, formed by a male team who make me laugh and live a whole-hearted life!

3-2-1 Carla

Where I am

I am around, in several different places, in physical and digital spheres.