Why Hacking Needs to Stop

By Noah Scholle

What is Hacking?

Hacking is classified as breaking into a computer or machine and configuring its settings without permission. This includes allowing access to special sites and stealing money. This also can be classified as trespassing into private property, such as websites, emails, or pictures. Hacking is also when you modify something or upload a virus to a site.

How Bad Can Hacking Be?

Something scary is that almost anything can be hacked! This includes stop lights, computers, toys, games, power centers, and many more things. People can die from someone hacking technology. If someone hacks a stop light they can cause a car accident. If someone hacks a power center they can stop power to a city, with no power being supplied horrible things would start to happen. These are reasons why hacking needs to stop.

How Hacking Can Affect You

In the past 6 years hacking has become a serious problem. There have been many cases of hackers stealing money, pictures, personal information, and many other things. Hacking is illegal and needs to be stopped. Hackers have stolen money from people who shop in famous stores that are spread across the U.S. This has lead to people loosing thousands of dollars! Imagine what it would be like if you lost thousands of dollars!

Why hacking needs to be stopped.

Cases of Hacking

In the year 2010 gmail was hacked by hackers in China. Investigations showed that China's government was likely behind this. A group of hackers in Russia was discovered to have stolen 1.2 billion usernames and passwords earlier this year. Hacking has become a huge problem in many countries and there have been tones of attempts at stopping it.

How To Stop Hacking

The government has tried many times to stop systems being hacked. The community can help prevent hacking by encouraging people to pick secure passwords and make sure when they are online that they are on safe websites. Another possible choice is to create a The community could also help by increasing the computer security at banks and community websites. A common place hacking can happen is a stores that have free wi-fi. They can prevent this by checking who is using the wi-fi and what they are doing. If the community tries hard enough than we are sure to stop hacking.