Wayne Williams

Serial Killer

Born May 27, 1958 (age 57)

Wayne Williams is still a prime suspect in the murder of more than 20 black girls from 1979 to 1981 in Georgia. But only was convicted of killing two adults. The killings in Atlanta, Georgia stopped once he was imprisoned.
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The discovery of Edwin Smith, 14 and Alfred Evans, 13, marked the start of a string of killings lasting 22 months in Atlanta and would continue in late September. When two more bodies were found in spring of 1980, a 7-year-old was reported missing, the policed launched a big investigation. At this point, the bodies were found in wooded areas, until the killer changed his behaviour, by dumping the bodies in the river.

a group of law-enforcement officers at the river heard a loud splash around 3 a.m. A car fled the scene and the police pursued and pulled them over. The driver was Wayne Williams, a 22- year-old photographer. The police had no idea what the splash was, so they had to let him go. However, two days later, the body of a 27-year-old was found. Williams was brought into questioning and his alibi was weak according to the police, and he also failed several polygraphs.

At the time, DNA testing was not yet a staple of courtroom science. Two scientists on the trial testified that, under a microscope, the hairs that were found on a victim's body, were consistent with those of Wayne Williams. The judge allowed the hairs to be tested and the results were that it was, in fact, Williams hair.

On February 27, Williams was found guilty of the Carter and Jimmy Ray Payne, the conviction was based on physical evidence- matching fibers found on the victims and eyewitness accounts. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

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