The Dangers Of The Virtual World

Web Searching Threats

hacker jackers and the web site adress

Have you ever signed up with a website to maybe play a game. But then later come back and you are no longer able to get on your account. Then you were probably hacked. A hacker is someone who is able to get in to your account. They can change anything about it. It could be anything from your favorite food to your password and username. They are able to steel personal information. Such as your birth date, email address, and phone number. Hackers can be very dangerous. One way of avoiding a hacker is to make a username and password that is hard to crack. Like 473mikeroister. But a password such as password or kitten is most likely to get hacked. So make sure that your username and password are hard to crack but easy enough for you to remember.

The next thing is the bate. Hackers look for weak spots, another way of saying that is systems that have not recently been updated. systems that are not updated are alway full of flaws. There have holes and cracks in the system for a hacker to crawl through. If your network system has not been recently updated, there would probably be a 97% chance of you getting hacked. So update your software, every so often.

Another way of stoping a hacker in his tracks, is to install a firewall. A firewall will stop outside threats like hackers and even viruses from reaching the safety of the inside of your system. Think of it as your own virtual Fire wizard that will stop at nothing to keep your system and data protected.

Have you ever thought that ads could be used as weapons. Well they can be used as traps.

some ads have viruses in them, ON PURPOSE ! so do videos. Have you ever taken one of those surveys that just anonymously appear, or the ones that says that you are the 100th visiter to their site? Well STOP! they all are scams. some to just mess up your computer with a virus, some to get money, and some are to get specific information to hack into your accounts and into your system. so no matter how tempting it is do not, I repeat do NOT take those surveys. and make sure you be careful to what videos you look up. Along with the ads.

Do you have anti-virus software. Most computers normally do. If you don't then you should install one. If your computer has a virus then it is venerable up against a hacker. like I said earlier, hackers look for weakness. Bugs, glitches, viruses, and more, these are all things a hacker will look for when hunting for a weakened system. So how protected is your computer?

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