6th Grade Accelerated Math

September 16, 2016


I encourage you to take some time to talk with your child about the assignment choices they are making in math class. Most of the time there are 3-4 levels of problems. On Thursday there were actually 6! (Can you find a power of a power of a power of a power?) I try to offer direction when necessary, but I believe that student choice is very powerful, and I try to find something for everyone when designing work. Novice level assignments will always prepare students for all classroom, district, and state level tests. Higher level assignments will build on those concepts, and often incorporate skills in future grade levels.


Students received their IXL login information on Monday. As of now, students in our class have answered 2,623 questions in 56 skill areas! All of these problems were unassigned, so it is awesome to see students show their love of math through independent practice. Way to go!

MyHomework.com Planner App

This week, we rolled out the new MyHomework.com planner app. All of my students have successfully joined my class, and it is currently live. The students never have to enter any information. I update it for them every time there is a new assignment. When an assignment is turned in, they can move it into a new "completed" column, which they enjoy. If an assignment is overdue, it is moved into a special "late" column automatically. I hope everyone enjoys the new app!

This Week

This week, students multiplied and divided integers, explored exponents with negative bases, and solved order of operation problems with negative values, grouping symbols, and exponents. Activities included writing algorithms, multiplication/division fact families, exponent basketball, relay race word problem posters, Talk a Mile a Minute, and Deal or No Deal.

Next Week

We have finished the Integers Unit! Today we had our class review, and the test will be on Monday. I sent a review packet home as well as an integers "cheat sheet." The packet is not an assignment, and it will not be collected. After our test, we will begin to explore the world of rational numbers. We will start with classifying real numbers, and follow up with comparing and ordering rational numbers, and multiplying mixed numbers. It should be a fun week ahead!