Computer Forensics Expert

The area of Computer Forensic Services.

Pursuing Computer Criminals: Stop. Freeze. Call Professionals to Retain Evidence

The area of Computer Forensic Services is so fascinating, but technical companies never want to have to use them. Though all the best corporate entities have a specific computer forensic force in hand, they are used in special circumstances to ward off criminal behavior and to protect the system in case of a data breach. This is arguably more relevant than ever before. Business as a whole is facing a technological wave in digital commerce, and a lack of protective measures for customers could not only be morally wrong, but legally unjust.

The Type of Threat

So a computer just fell to a computer crime, or company leaders suspect that some insidious behavior has occurred. There are three types of attacks that could potentially threaten a business in their computer infrastructure.

Internal: There may be an employee within the system breaching data, leaking information, changing records, etc. This threat is very different from one of the other threats because it is much more difficult to detect and decipher. This is why hierarchal accesses are so common in technological firms in the modern day. This is data fraud and employee theft, and it does not always have to be physical. In this day and age, billions are lost through savvy employees that can navigate the backend of a system and hide their trails.

Directed: This is a directed attack on the company, often from a remote location. This could come through an email campaign or a hack into the company’s tech infrastructure. Regardless, the criminals could ‘spill’ malware into the system to key capture passwords and breach customer records for credit numbers and their information.

Accidental: This type of attack is more bizarre. All malware is created and originated from somewhere. But it often has a life all its own. Companies can run into major malware attacks that are not necessarily directed efforts. But they still have seriously damaging effects on the company’s status and program integrity.

Because of these major threats coming from multiple angles, smart companies have kept Computer Forensics Services on retainer for months. If any activity is suspected, the system should be shut off entirely. Companies make the mistake of pursuing the threat themselves, informing the attackers and causing them to delete evidence and sneak away.

Threats both external and internal could be dissuaded by the known presence of a Computer Forensics Expert. That may be enough for them to find another victim, or give up the lofty task entirely.