Senior Notes

November 2021

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Stay Focused!

Applications are still being accepted at colleges across NC! Some early decision deadlines have passed, but you can still apply as a regular decision student. Please be sure that you are checking deadlines for applications as well as scholarships! Be sure that you are filling out information in your college portals for scholarships! All this hard work will pay off!

Keep Your Grades Up!

College Acceptance is Conditional

Be sure that you keep your grades up and that you refrain from changing your courses in the spring unless it is absolutely necessary. Colleges are admitting you based upon the coursework you have completed in the past as well as what you have chosen to take this year. Many colleges require you to fill out a form if you are changing your spring schedule - in particular if you are dropping rigorous courses.

Counseling Webpage

Click here to go to the WSHS Counseling Website! We have the scholarship databases located there, and our virtual offices as well!

Don't Forget about FAFSA!

If you haven't done your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) yet, you still have time to do it! Your colleges, both Community college and four-year universities will expect it to be sent to them. Stanly Community College will still help any family with their FAFSA, even if you are not attending there in the fall! Call the Eagles One Stop Help Center at Stanly Community College to make an appointment for help with the FAFSA - 704-991-0123

Early Graduates

If you are an early graduate, then please check with your counselor to be sure that you are still on track to graduate early!

How Can We Help You??

I know this has been a very stressful year in a lot of ways....but we are here for you! Just want to talk and vent about things? We're here! Need some help applying to college? That's us!! Please email, call, or come by to see us. We can talk, Google Meet, or speak in person.

Ms Breslin - 704-961-5207

Ms Britt - 704-961-5208

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