Swimming in History

The History of Swimming

Swimming is a very intense sport between your opponents, but more importantly, between you and your past times. This flyer will be explaining many different parts about this sport.


You will obviously need equipment for training, and the sport. Some training equipment includes kick boards, flippers, and hand paddles. You will want to be as aerodynamic as possible, so wearing skin tight matterial, like speedos, are nessicary for reducing drag. You will also want to either completely shave your head, or you can buy a swim cap. Finally, shaving body hair like arms, legs, and face is very important.


Some variations include Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, and freestyle. There are also variations of the meters you swim starting with 25, 50, 100, 200, and so on.


During a race, there are specific rules for specific strokes. If you break a rule, you can be DQed. During breaststroke and butterfly, if you don't touch the wall with both hands, that can cause disqualification, and not doing the right flip turn will result in a DQ. In freestyle and backstroke, you have to do the right flip turn or else, you know what happens. One that applies for all, is that when you streamline, you can only go to the line, or else some people would be streamlining the whole way down and back.

Who invented it?

The sport has been around since the Stone Age! I'm almost certain that the inventor has not been discovered.