Create a Bar Graph

Collect Your Data & Display It On a Bar Graph


Data is easier to interpret when it is organized into a table or a graph.

Use a bar graph to display countable data that are grouped in categories. A bar graph displays data with vertical or horizontal bars. A double-bar graph shows two sets of related data.


  • Standard - CC.2.4.6.B.1
  • Demonstrate an understanding of statistical variability by displaying, analyzing, and summarizing distributions.


  • Assessment Anchor - M06.D-S.1 Demonstrate understanding of statistical variability by summarizing and describing distributions.
  • Anchor Descriptor - M06.D-S.1.1 Display, analyze, and summarize numerical data sets in relation to their context.

Eligible Content:

  • Eligible Content - M06.D-S.1.1.1 Display numerical data in plots on a number line, including line plots, histograms, and box-andwhisker plots.
  • Eligible Content - M06.D-S.1.1.2 Determine quantitative measures of center (e.g., median, mean, mode) and variability (e.g., range, interquartile range, mean absolute deviation).


Introduction - Have students discuss places where they have seen graphs and what the graphs represent. Examples - newspapers, magazines, television, survey results, textbooks.

Bar Graph Lesson - Students learn to display and analyze data in bar graphs. First, teach students to read a bar graph. Then teach them to make bar graphs and double-bar graphs, given sets of data. Students can use Khan Academy and Study Island (they must use their school issued username and password) tutorials for assistance.

Activity - Students poll their classmates with a survey question (Example - What is your favorite season?). Students will gather their data and create a bar graph or double-bar graph in order to display their results. Students will create their graphs on the Kids' Zone website. Students will then analyze their data finding the range, mean, median, and mode. Share students' findings in a class discussion and display the graphs for everyone to see.


Check out other websites (Meta-Chart is another great site!) and have your students use other graphs and charts to display data...line graphs, histograms, frequency tables, tally tables, circle graphs, pictographs, etc. What other websites, apps and digital media can you utilize in your classroom to implement technology in order to teach graphs? My school has a contract with Study Island, does your school provide helpful online math programs? If so, check them out for any graph tutorials and activities.



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