Sumer will revolutionize your life

Start living instead of just surviving!

We've got the jobs for you

If you are good with your hands and enjoy creating things, you could be an artisan. Artisans in Sumer create jewelry and tools. We are able to use art as an expression here, not only for religious purposes, but just because it is something people love to do.

Artisans are the people that make the weapons, are you a person who would rather have the weapons? Then come to Sumer and become a warrior! We need protection and you would look mad cool standing in front of the walls with our more advanced stone tools and weapons unlike those nomads

Here in Sumer it is possible for you to become a priest, which is a person who has a connection with all of our many and wonderful gods. We have beautifully crafted temples called Ziggurats that you would be able to reside in as those who have a connection with our gods are treated with respect here.


We have all of this to offer and more:

  • Wagon wheel
  • Sundial, which helps us keep time
  • Bronze
  • Math
  • Astronomy
  • Number system based on 60
  • Geometry to erect buildings
  • Charted constellations
We have so much to offer to you and we believe that you can offer something to us to! Everyone is capable of something and our civilization will be so much better and efficient with you in it.


Our form of writing is wedge-shaped and called cuneiform. Cuneiform is used to record our food, cattle, etc. With a bigger population we are keeping more and more records. Cuneiform can be used for expressive writing as well, just like art can be about expressing yourself. We want you to share and spread your creativity and one way you can do that is through writing. Come to Sumer and learn how to write!
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Social Structure

In Sumer we have three classes and they are:

1. Nobles- Priests, monarchs, warriors, and anyone who knows how to write

2. Commoners-Merchants, artisans, and farmers

3. Slaves- Prisoners of war

If you come here you will not be a slave, you will be free and treated with respect from the rest of the civilians that reside here. We are all family here.

Where to find us

We are located in the Fertile Crescent. The fertile crescent is an area of land that is near the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Mesopotamia is our civilization and it is between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. We hope to see you here soon!
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