Practically Perfect!

GMSN Library Media Teacher is Mary Poppins of Librarians!

Why Is She So Darn Good At What She Does? Read More To Find Out!

I had the pleasure of observing Geneva Middle School North Library Media Teacher, Ms. Gigi Kimball, on several occasions over the last few months. Our last meeting was on April 21st. Ms. Kimball's library is the model of perfection. The kind of library everyone would want and the kind of librarian everyone would want to work with. Ms. Kimball provides students with a broad range of reading experiences, she works closely with teachers to create information and research skills lessons that compliment the common core objectives, she is constantly striving to improve her library program and she is forever curious. She is the kind of librarian we should all hope to be.
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Top Five Cool Librarian Things I Saw or Learned About From Ms. Kimball.

5: Ms. Kimball's has an extensive professional training journal selection. Not only does she have the standard titles like Middle School Journal, but she also has other titles that include; AMLE, Phi Delta Kappan, Teacher Librarian, and School Library Journal. To increase readership, Ms. Kimball sends the staff lists of featured articles from the current journal issues and then she scans and emails copies of the articles to staff members at their request. She points out that this has improved readership.

4: Ms. Kimball is quick to respond to requests. Ms. Kimball tries to respond to all requests from teachers, staff or students within twenty-four hours. Even if the response is that she will need a little more time to find the information.

3: Ms. Kimball loves a good challenge. Ms. Kimball told me, and I have witnessed, how exciting it is for her to be challenged to find good information on tricky, controversial, or unusual subjects. Last week a student was hunting for a print source that provided information on why people yawn. Ms. Kimball was excited to go on the hunt with the student and was eager to share with me how she found the information in her reference collection. When asked about copyright issues, she is particularly careful to find triangulation in sources and she places her findings in the "teacher shared" folders (in the school intranet site) so that anyone interested can review her research.

2: Ms. Kimball is not afraid to borrow a good idea. When Ms. Kimball and I collaborate on campus-wide initiatives, like reading incentives or author visits, she listens to everyone's ideas, shares her own, is quick to compliment others on their clever ideas and is never afraid to ask to use them. She always gives credit where credit is do, but she is phenomenal at spotting a good idea and using it to improve her own program.

1: The greatest discovery I have found, based on my time with Ms. Kimball, is that she is an expert at listening and always asks the right questions. I don't know how she does it, but Ms. Kimball has a gift. This gift allows her to get to the heart of the matter. She is like the ultimate Twenty Questions game master! She asks a question and then refines it until both parties have honed in on their precise needs. This allows Ms. Kimball to work more efficiently and with greater success. Practically Perfect!