Grobe's Groovin' Group News

Week of September 16-20

The Craft of Writing

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the rigor of the 4th grade writing curriculum so that there are no surprises on their progress reports or report cards!

Until now, the students haven't really been given specific guidelines and procedures for completing a writing piece to these standards. The art of writing has to be fostered and pruned until it can fully blossom. To put this in very simple terms, writing is a process that will take some time. So do not expect your kiddos to be bringing home 4's or even 3's any time soon in this subject. There is SO much for them to learn. Simple things such as writing a complete sentence, using a capital letter, and ending with a punctuation mark is still not being executed routinely. Therefore, knowing how to begin a paper, using appropriate transitions into paragraphs, and adding voice will be very difficult for them for a while! THIS IS NORMAL and you should not freak out with their grades in this subject! =) Again, I want to reiterate, that it is a slow and methodical process. I am having to start at the very beginning with correct sentence expectations. From here we will grow and build! I have had the "don't get frustrated" talk with my amazing kiddos but I wanted to have this "talk" with you at home as well! They will get to where I need them to be; we just all need to be patient!

Each of my students are amazing, and I know amazing writing pieces will soon flow from their pens. I am excited to see them blossom with a little tender, loving care!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

Thanks for wearing all the burnt orange, royal blue, and gold for me! I loved seeing my schools represented!


The TRE early voting will end Tuesday the 17th and as of Wednesday, only 2% of our McGowen community had exercised their right to vote! This is such an important topic that can't afford to be overlooked! Your children's future in the McKinney School district will be determined by those who vote, so please speak up for their futures!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 17:
  • PICTURE DAY- 4th grade will be first!
  • FIELD TRIP DAY- bring your McGowen shirt to put on after pictures and wear your walking shoes!

Wednesday 18:

  • Progress Reports go home

Friday 20th:

  • Wear blue for diabetes awareness

Friday 27:

  • Mav Fan Jam @ 8:15 in the gym

Learning Objectives

I will.......

Reading: finish The One and Only Ivan and use all the strategies good readers do (visualize, predict, make inferences, ask questions)

Writing: plan and write a personal narrative about an unforgettable experience

Social Studies: continue learning about the regions of Texas