Social Security Act (1935)

By: Giselle Martinez

Wondering about the Social Security Act?

The Social Security Act was intended to help the disabled, unemployed, and Americans that are over the age of 65. Now, the Social Security program was intended to guarantee these people a monthly check. This program was a huge relief for the people, because it let all Americans with these poor conditions to start building themselves. For example it helps America, because there would be less homeless people, and the disabled and elderly wouldn't have to be worried about where they're going to live or how to find their next meal.

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Successful or not?

I believe that the Social Security act was successful, because it helped the struggling Americans from the Great Depression to maintain a living. It helped to build themselves back from nothing also. This was a huge help to the Great Depression, because it was one of the ways low income, people with lost jobs, the elderly and disabled could make a living in America after all of their lose.
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Does Social Security still exist?

Social Security is still in progress today. Everybody is born with one and that is how the government identifies you as an American citizen. There has not been any changes to the Social Security act still to this day, however the government predicts it won't be around by the time my generation is 65 and able to earn their retirement money, because the government wouldn't be able to have all the money to give out.
  • Elders were basically hit the hardest during the Great Depression so the Social Security act really benefited them.
  • The Social Security act was made to help 30 million of the Americans then.
  • The mailmen were the ones who delivered the Social Security Checks every month to households.