Prairie Dogs

Olivia T.


The Prairie Dog is a tan, brown, and grayish rodent. When fully grown they can be 12 in. (30cn.). They weigh 2 or 3 pounds. Prairie Dogs have short strong legs for running to safety, and pulling themselves up onto their hind legs to yip for any sign of danger or a sign of " It's all clear!"
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In the spring, prairie dogs mate. They can mate 1 to 2 years old.

Prairie dogs sleep though the coldest weather to save energy. In the winter, Prairie dogs spend most of there're time in the winter in there burrow to stay warm.

When the male digs his burrow, he uses his front paws to dig, then pats the extra dirt with his nose and that soon creates a mound.

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Prairie dogs can be found in grassy prairies in North America. They live in large groups called Towns. Towns can have hundreds to thousands of Prairie Dogs.

Prairie Dogs live in a underground area called a burrow. There a many chambers in a burrow. There's a chamber for everything!

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