ELA Shout Outs!

Week of: September 28-October 2, 2015

Check out our "Groovy" Week in ELA!

Monday: Introduction of Class Leaders and Unit One Vocabulary

Tuesday: Building our "Bruiser" paragraph

Wednesday: 1960's Scavenger Hunt

Thursday/Friday: 1960's Group Activity

Homework for the Week!

Here is the homework for the week. Remember, if you are absent it is your responsibility to complete assignments in a timely manner!

Monday: Begin working on your vocabulary - due Wednesday

Tuesday: Complete "Bruiser" paragraph (Google Classroom) and vocab due tomorrow

Wednesday: Complete 1960's Scavenger Hunt

Thursday: "The Outsiders" Pre-Reading activity - due Tuesday, 10/6

Friday: "The Outsiders" Pre-Reading activity - due Tuesday, 10/6

Vocabulary Word of the Week

You've been waiting for it....and now it is here! Last week you did a GREAT job with placid (especially you, Matt M!). Here is our NEW WORD:

Plethora (n) - a large amount of something; excessive

There are a plethora of ways to get involved at EMS!

Use the word in conversation or in your writing for a point!

Have a great week!