Gun Violence

How it affects everyone!

Access to weapons

  • Lisenced Trafficking- 8% tempted with big profits.
  • Straw Purchases- Through another person.
  • Unlisenced Street Dealer- Just like drug dealers.

Accident Death and Homicides of Children

  • Proper Storage- safes, locked up, and unloaded.
  • Safety Procatuosions- Trigger locks and clip locks.
  • Homicides- Accidental suicides can be considered homicides if not properly put up.
  • Modern Gun- Can not fire without michanical usage of the trigger.
States United - Prevent Gun Violence ( The Monster is Real )

Crimes Involving Guns

  • Massachusetts- Toughest gun laws with the highest gun crimes.
  • More Serious Crimes- As the crime seriousness goes up then the rate involving guns goes up as well.
  • Mass Shootings- Are rare to very few but mostly envolve the shooter being bullied.