Persevering with Bravery

The Many Faces of Courage By: Natalia Inda


This newsletter focuses on the many facets of BRAVERY.

Understanding the many faces of bravery, what it is, how to achieve it, what you can accomplish with it with hopes of inspiring those who search for it.

Unbroken - The true face of bravery

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Achieving Bravery - Simple Steps and Exercises To Finding your BRAVE

Courage or bravery can be achieved in many ways. Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. shares her process as "Six Attributes of Courage". She provides many uplifting quotes to inspire those searching for their true "BRAVE". At the end of her article she provides tools to help you interpret, define and achieve your bravery goals. You can take the test by accessing this article by the following link:

She defines the Six attributes of courage as:

1) Feeling fear, yet choosing to act

2) Following your heart

3) Persevering in the face of adversity

4) Standing up for what is right

5) Expanding your horizons; letting go of the familiar

6) Facing Suffering with Dignity or Faith

The Six Attributes of Courage

Quotes and exercises to help you be your best and bravest self

Post published by Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. on Aug 23, 2012 in The Mindful Self-Express

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture - In the Face of Death, He Chose to Inspire Others

Randy Pausch's fatal cancer diagnosis did not stop him from continuing to live the remainder of his life in a positive way. He chose to live his final days by inspiring others and leaving an important message to his children on how to live their lives. In turn, this lecture has inspired others to follow Randy's advice in pursuing their childhood dreams.

Randy did not want to leave this earth without a chance to encourage his children and give them positive advice on never giving up on their dreams. He won't be there to see them fulfilled, but he hopes that he has left them inspiration to continue in the way he hoped they would if he were alive to encourage them.

In Randy's speech he has some powerful advice. Summarizing key aspects below:

"Experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want."

Those that "ride" you, do it because they care and want you to be better.

Brick walls are there for a reason. They show how much you want something to get through.

Know the difference between people vs. things.

Never underestimate the value of fun.

Know if you are a Tigger or and Eyeore.

Seize the day. Pursue what matters, and forget the rest.

Don't complain, just work harder.

How to live your life

  • Tell the truth
  • Apologize
  • Wait, be patient and people will show their good side
  • Show gratitude
  • Karma - follow these steps and your dreams will come to you
In Randy's powerful words, instead of dispair, he chose positivity. His hope is for those to find strength and faith in fulfilling their dreams.
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Two Girls Going to School as an Act of Bravery

Two girls from the Middle East, living similar lives with different outcomes. This discusses the lives of one Afghan and one Pakistani girls showing their bravery by attending school. The article For an Afghan girl, going to school is an act of bravery, by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, discusses the life of Rahmaniya. In Afghanistan by law it is required for all girls to go to school. However, many of them do not, due to extreme threats. Terrorist groups, and male family members are the ones making these threats. It takes incredible amounts of bravery and ambition to risk your life, all for the love of learning. There is a huge difference between the ones that stay home and the ones that risk their lives hoping to do good for the world someday. 18 year old Rahmaniya goes to school every day, directly going against her brothers threats, “ I will kill you if you go.” She is now in hiding from her brothers threats. You can listen to this news radio by following the following link: ( source for first story NPR. NPR, n.d. Web. 28 May 2015.)

Malala Youzafia, one of this generations most inspirational activists for women's rights. In 2012, Malala's school received many threats from various terrorist groups saying that they would bomb the schools. Part of the reason Malala's school received these threats, was because of her and her fathers involvement with women's rights. However being brave and going against these threats, the students continued to go to school. One day in October of 2012, two Taliban gunmen approached Malalas school bus and asked for her, Malala presented herself, and was shot in the head, for being an activist for women's rights. Malala has since recovered from this attack, and has been voicing her belief even more since this horrific act of violence. The picture of Malala above, is paired with a quote that she had said while speaking in font of a large group of other activists. As you can see these two girls stories are very similar, yet have very different endings. One chose the path of hiding, and the other chose the path of bravery.

"Malala: The Girl Who Was Shot for Going to School - BBC News." BBC News. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 May 2015. ( Malal's story )

Ally DelMonte Found a Solution to her Bullying Problem

Ally Del Monte endured years of bullying at school and online. She is now speaking out in hopes of helping others.

Ally was bullied for years, it wasn't just joking around. it wasn't "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings type of bullying, it was serious. People would constantly call her names. She even received 257 death threats through social media. Because of these unspeakable horrors she was put through, at 13 years old she attempted suicide. Within the course of 2 more years, she attempted to kill herself 3 more times. Finally at the age of 15, Ally sought out help from a counselor. During these sessions, Ally would create speeches and ideas, to help her through these tough times. She gained courage and is now speaking out of her problem in hopes to help others going through the same thing. Ally first started speaking out at School assembly's, then it turned to district affairs, and her popularity continued to blossom from there. Ally was brave and persevered through this bullying to become a stronger person. She hopes that her story reaches others in the same situation so that they wont make the mistake she almost did.

Rojas, Marcela. "From Bullied to Bravery: One Girl's Story." The Journal News, 24 Oct. 2013. Web. 23 May 2015.

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Defining Courage in the Workplace

Bill Treasurer is an author and consultant from Giant Leap Consulting that shares his insights and knowledge into building courage into the workplace. He defines courage as "acting on what is right, despite being afraid or uncomfortable, when facing situations involving uncertainty and opportunity."

He breaks it down in 3 steps;

1) acting on what is right

2) moving through fear and discomfort

3) embracing uncertainty and pursuing opportunity

He states that definitions are great, but what matters most in courage is taking action when you're afraid.

You can link below to read more and to find books written by Bill Treasurer about courage in the workplace.

"Courage Defined." Giant Leap Consulting. N.p., 16 Oct. 2013. Web. 28 May 2015.