The Arctic Tundra

Information about animals, plants, weather, and location.

Animals and Plants

If you visit the arctic tundra, there might be a chance you will see a polar bear. Some facts about the polar bears are they eat berries, birds, eggs, insects, seals, and a lot of fish. Also, polar bears can't find enough food if the ocean ice melts too early in the spring.The plants only have 10-14 weeks for growing season which is remarkable.Also there are no tall trees.Plants are important to land animals without them because without them they could die if there was a food shortage.

Weather and location

If you would like to visit the Tundra, you would have to wear your warmest clothes such as jackets water proof pants and snow boots and gloves.The temperature is 45 to 50 degrees fahrenheit. The Tundra is the coldest biome in the world.In the arctic there are few things to do,but in the polar you can see the beautiful Northern Lights,take a photo safari because there's some largest living animals in the tundra,also visit many native cultures and you can learn there native hunting,dances,and clothing.Caution,some dangers are burns, snow blindness, frostbite, hypothemia, animals, dehydration, insects, arctic air, terrain hazards, avalanches, and snow covered water.