The smallest can make a big change

Maren Murphy, Period 4/5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max lives in a basement , and he is extremely lonely. Then one day Freak moves in and weaves his way into Max's life. By coming into Max's life, Freak creates conflict with Tony D. Freak came into Max's life and changed everything. Max's life first started changing when Freak got Max out of "The Down Under." Freak won't stop flipping Max's life, by taking him on quests and teaching him new words. This develops the theme that "The smallest can make a big change," because Freak is so small but has a big influence on Max's life.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme "The smallest can make a big change." I think that the author developed the theme really well. He developed it well because the theme is true, and can relate to many people who read the book. The theme connects to our generation because the smallest thing you could do could make a huge change in someones life.For example Freak is a tiny kid who changes Max's life forever.

Summary of the text

Max is a 13 year old boy who has troubles with learning. Where Freak is a 13 year old boy who is physically disabled. And one day these two 13 year old boys meet. But neither of these boys knew that when they met it would change their lives forever. Together they are more than unstop-able. Together they are Freak the Mighty.