Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

January 8th

Jefferson Daily Union

In quarter two our 4th grade classes have been spending certain Fridays focusing on current events. For our last current event lesson Chris Spangler and Alexa Zoellner, from the Daily Jefferson Union, came in to speak with our students about what it is like to be a reporter. See a picture of their visit below!

Everyday Math

We will be having our Unit 5 Math test on Tuesday, January 12th. This is the last math test before report cards come out. Some of the things included on this test will be:

  • Measuring to the nearest 1/8th inch
  • Estimating Sums
  • Multiplicaiton number stories
  • Open number sentences
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Rounding to the millions place

Ask your child to use the box method to figure out:

What is 89 x 63 = (5,607)

What is 38 x 24 = (912)

What is 845,082 rounded to the nearest millions place? (1,000,000)


We just finished publishing our persuasive email about how (Civil War/American Revolution) is the greatest conflict in American history. Email me and let me know if you would like your child to email this piece to you. They will enjoy getting a chance to exercise what they've learned on Gmail!

Ask your child about his/her persuasive email!

Crayfish Behavior

We spent this week in science analyzing the habitat that a crayfish lives in and crayfish behavior.

Ask your child about their experiences in class with the crayfish!


Keep up the great work with filling out your 20/20 Reading Calendars and reading every night!

Important Dates to Remember

January 12th - Unit 5 Everyday Math Test

January 12th - Geography Bee Finals

January 15th - No School

January 29th - Report Cards sent home

February 4th - Science Fair Projects Due