Dick Hitchcock

Character Analysis

Who is Dick Hitchcock?

Dick Hitchcock is one of the main characters of the book. He, along with Perry Smith, robbed the Clutter home and murdered the family.

Dick isn't a very smart person, but he is "talented" in the crime business. He's very good at manipulating people into doing things for him, like getting money out of people without them realizing what's happening.

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Analysis of Dick

Dick is a little messed up in the head (mentally and physically) due to a car accident when he was younger.

"Something of the kind had happened; the imperfectly aligned features were the outcome of a car collision in 1950 - an accident that left his long-jawed and narrow face tilted, the left side rather lower than the right, with the results that the lips were slightly aslant, the nose askew, and his eyes not only situated at uneven levels but of uneven size, the left eye being truly serpentine, with venomous, sickly-blue squint that although it was involuntarily acquired, seemed nevertheless to warn of bitter sediment at the bottom of

his nature." (Capote 19)

Perry describes Dick as the "real masculine type" of person.

"When he'd told Dick that story, it was because he'd wanted Dick's friendship, wanted Dick to "respect" him, think him "hard," as much "the masculine type" as he had considered Dick to be." (Capote 69)

Dick is a horrible person.

"And he thought he had made his views obvious to Dick; indeed, hadn't they almost had a fist fight when quite recently he had prevented Dick from raping a terrified young girl? However, he wouldn't care to repeat that particular test of strength. He was relieved when he saw the child walk away from Dick." (Capote 126)

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