By: Pilar Cedeño

Background Information

The capital of Guadeloupe is Basse - Terre; which is also one of the four major cities. The other major cities are; Les Ahymes, Baie - Mahaut, and Le Gosier. Guadalupe is still controlled by another country, that country is; France. The. Official language is French.

Geographical Information


Guadeloupe Is part of the Lesser Antilles. And its coordinates are; 16.2500 degrees North and 61.583 degrees West.

Major Physical Features

Three Major physical features are; Mount Soufriere, Salée River, and McKittrick Canyon.

Political Information

Type of Government

Guadeloupe is a Republican country.


Guadeloupe is lead by a president. Guadeloupe's current president is; Jacques Gillot.

Economic Information


The currency for Guadeloupe is Franc.

- Franc was used in in France before Euro was introduced in 1999.

Tourist Information

Why People Should Visit

Guadeloupe has amazing beaches and beautiful mountainous areas with enchanting views.

- since Guadeloupe is so close to the equator, it is warm all year around

What Tourist Should See an Do

Tourist should go swimming in the beautiful, crystal blue waters of our beaches. And go hiking on our famous McKittrick Canyon.