Sherron Elise

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Who Is Sherron Elise?

The gift of writing began to flourish within Sherron Elise in the 1st grade when her teacher had the entire class write an alternate ending to a story she'd read aloud. She really enjoyed Sherron's version and sent her to other classrooms to read her alternate ending to the teachers and students. Her 1st grade teacher entered her in an essay writing contest on Martin Luther King Jr's I Have A Dream speech. Sherron placed 3rd as a finalist but wasn't deterred. Sherron became an avid reader throughout elementary school which further nurtured the seeds of writing.

During middle school, Sherron was often chastised by her teachers for working on stories instead of being on task. In high school, she continued to write several short stories along with a lot of poetry pieces. She became a staff writer for her campus newspaper in college.

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