6th Grade Distance Learning

All work must be in by June 1st

Friendly Reminder to Check Powerschool

We update Powerschool weekly, please check to ensure that you know your grades. Shoutout to all the kind and professional emails students send when Powerschool isn't correct. WE are PROUD of you for staying on top of your grades.

Past Smores

If you want to access the weekly Smore Agenda from previous weeks, there is a screenshot at the bottom of this page. Email lferguson @eesd.net if it is unreadable.

Week at a Glance -May 26- 29


Topic for the week: iReady Math District Assessment

Tasks for the Week:

Tuesday 5/26

  • Daily Attendance Question

  • iReady Math District Assessment (30 min)

Wednesday 5/27

  • Daily Attendance Question

  • iReady Math District Assessment (30 min)

Thursday 5/28

  • Daily Attendance Question

  • iReady Math District Assessment (30 min)

Friday 5/29

  • Daily Attendance Question

  • iReady Math District Assessment (30 min)


For this week, please check your missing work. This is the week to catch up on missing work, incomplete work, etc.

**Remember, you must email me about Khan, I-Ready, and AR for me to know to check and update it, as the app does not notify of the change.

**All work must be in by June 1st


Topic for the week: Ancient Greek Olympics

Tasks for the week:

Tuesday 5/26

  • Read Greek Olympic Article

  • Optional Skit acting out a Greek Olympic Event


  • Bottle Flipping Lab - Parents please read student’s procedures and give advice

Getting Started:

Virtual Learning will take place Monday-Friday

All students should be logging in to their email, Google Classroom, and Clever daily. The students will need to login using their school email address or they will not have access to the materials needed. They will not be able to access Google Classroom with their personal email addresses. Please have your student log into Google Classroom to access their lists and assignments.

Helpful Links for All Subjects

Student Clever - the one stop shop for student access to Google Classroom, iReady, Gmail, and Many of the school resources.

Student Gmail Account - if you have more than one user logged into gmail you may need to switch accounts to access Google Classroom or Gmail for your specific student.

How to download and access Zoom - office hours will be held using Zoom.

How to use Kami - Kami works well for annotating and typing on pdf documents assigned in classroom. If your child is logging into their account from a school issued device it is an extension to Google Chrome that has already been installed on student accounts. If you are not on a school issued device you may need to download the extension

Google Classroom

Students can access their Google Classroom through Clever.

Office Hours & Contact Information:

Office Hours: All teachers are available throughout regular working hours during the week as usual for email communication. Each core teacher will have weekly drop-in virtual office hours according to the schedule below. These hours will be updated if there are changes.

*The links for virtual office hour access will be found in Google Classroom*

Math Drop-In Office Hours: 1:30-2:15 Wednesday

English Drop-In Office Hours: 1:30-2:15 Tuesday

History Drop-In Office Hours: 11:30-12:15 Tuesday

Science Drop-In Office Hours: 11:30-12:15 Thursday

In each Google Classroom you will find a Zoom link to enter into the virtual office hours.

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Communication is Key

If you need ANY help or have questions or concerns, PLEASE contact your child's teacher. This is uncharted territory for us all and we are all doing the best we can to serve our students from a distance and meet everyone's needs. Thank you for your patience and grace, we wish you and your family well!

Smore Screenshot~ April 14-17

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Smore Screenshot~ April 20-24

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Smore Screenshot~ April 27- May 1

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Smore Screenshot~ May 4 - 8

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Smore Screenshot ~ May 11-15

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Smore Screenshot May 18-22

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