S.O.L.E. project

By:Brooke, Ryker, Michael, Annie, and Preston

The Big Question (Social Studies)

How does struggle and conflict affect China and India?

China had a lot of struggles and conflicts. During Mao Zedong's rule over the Chinese citizens they were mistreated. They struggled to do anything, because they worked almost non stop. This made people try to fight for better living conditions and money. This caused the government to take action and spend even more money on fighting. This lowered China's economy tremendously! China went through the Cultural Revolution and it partially improved their economy. Leading to improvement within China's agriculture and industry.

Another example is India, they struggled with British Colonization. The British ruled over India for about 300 years. After a while the Indians started to challenge British rule. This caused many Indians to peacefully protest which still caused many of them to go to jail. Gandhi influenced many Indians to peacefully protest for independence. Over many peacefully protests the British finally gave up, and India became its own country.

The Big Question (Science)

How do struggle and conflict lead to change in living things?

Struggles and conflicts affect all different types of living things. In plants, they can struggle to survive in different ecosystems or environments. Which causes a struggle for the plants to thrive in their environment. It can be hard for some plants to survive in cold climates because they are not adapted to their environment. For example, cacti are adapted to arid climates or deserts. While some plants can be adapted to both or a mixture of different adaptations. Plants struggle with little water, cold climate, and things like bad soil quality, but these plants change or adapt to their environment.

Animals are also affected in a similar way. Certain animals have adapted to different ecosystems. For example, the reindeer has rounded hooves and thick, brown fur to help it adapt to the Taiga Biome. Other animals have adaptations to help cool off, these living things are found in warmer, more arid places. Some animals have adaptations to help them survive long without food or water. Even though many animals have adaptations, some can’t thrive in other biomes because they aren’t use to their new environment and can perish.

Humans are also affect by the struggles and conflicts. Usually the conflicts are caused by other humans or animals. Humans can adapt to these conditions and get over the conflicts by finding a resolution to the problem.They can cause pollution which affect many living things including humans in a bad way. For example in Chernobyl, Ukraine the humans made a nuclear explosion, and it caused many people to develop cancer, killing plants and animals. People got many disease because they were in contact with radiation. This also caused many struggles like people having to move away, or be homeless. They then adapted to this and realized that they need to have safer alternatives. Another struggles and conflicts for humans is Global Warming. The world is slowing starting to get warmer than usual. People were passing out from dehydration and heat strokes. They adapted to this by making new types of cooler clothes, cheaper and better cooling systems. Humans have changed over the years due to wars and environmental problems. They have learned from there mistakes and change there ways.

The Big Question (Language Arts)

How do struggle and conflict lead to change in the development of a character?

Conflict can change a character's position, physique, or thoughts. Struggle can lead or cause conflict between characters. They can be internal or external conflicts. An Internal conflict will be such as a decision inside of the character's mind, while an external conflict would be a fight or something outside in the characters life. Conflict in characters can lead to resolution if the characters can find a way to work out their problems. Suspense also helps to pull in the readers attention, creating them to imagine the character's conflict or struggle. Characters can also have struggles within themselves. When developing a character, the author can make them dynamic or static characters. Authors aim to create different types of characters to create different types of conflicts or struggles.

In the story The Little Mermaid the main character is Ariel. The creators of The Little Mermaid made Ariel have struggles through out the story. She is living under the sea and she feels like she wants to go on land because she doesn't have legs. She goes to Ursula , the witch octopus. Who asks Ariel for her voice in return for a pair of legs. She came a struggling point when she couldn't decide. But, she chose legs and her voice was taken away. She then went on land to meet her beloved crush. Through out the movie children learned how to resolve conflicts and follow your dreams. Fictional characters are created for good reasons and help children to learn about problem solving.