Weekly News

March 16-20

Here's what we learned this week:

Language Arts: We read the animal fantasy book One little mouse. We discussed and sequenced the story. We learned the new amazing words: woodland, hollow, shadows, vale, camouflage, and nest. We discussed the definition, gave examples, and read and wrote these words in sentences. We also learned the new sight words: one, two, three, four and five. We discussed the reading group stories this week and focused on the sequencing of events in these stories. We discussed the main idea and characters in the story. We focused on reading for good comprehension and fluency.

Social Studies/ Science: We continued our STEM unit on making wind. We learned about and discussed what engineering is and how engineers use science, math and technology to help them create and design things. We learned the engineering process. We learned to imagine, plan, create, test, and improve. Students used the engineering process to design a sail for a sailboat. We used various materials to design and test out our sails on a track. We discussed and wrote about if our sails worked. Then we redesigned our sails to improve them. We will retest them Monday.

Math: Students learned the math terms alike, different, shape, size, sort, below, in front of and behind. Students used this new academic vocabulary when solving math problems related to position and shape. Students completed various critical thinking activities using these skills.

STEM pictures

Sails in action

STEM Leprechaun traps!!! We did not catch that tricky Leprechaun! But, our traps were amazing!

Have super weekend!! Welcome SPRING!!!