Weekly Staff Update

September 19, 2016

Shout Outs

  • Shout Out to Kim and Stacey for donating items for GRN's OPEF basket
  • Shout Out to Stacey, Tom, Julie, and Kathy for the GRN Learning Garden Planning Meeting
  • Shout Out to Molly, Kris N, Tricia, and Lisa for helping with MAPs testing.
  • Shout Out to Lynn for helping keep our sign out front updated
  • Shout Out to Peggy and Nancy L for being flexible with their schedule and supporting students all around GRN
  • Shout Out to Teri for supporting students so learning strategist could attend common planning
  • Shout Out to Kim B for working closely with a family.
  • Shout Out to Lona for helping with the WORD of THE WEEK board
  • Shout Out to Yvette and Jordan for supporting a student and family
  • Shout Out to Caley and Katy for staying with students after school waiting for rides

Week In Review

Monday- Common Plannings; MAPs MAKEUPs, PBIS Meeting After School, Girls on the Run (After School)

Tuesday-ART Long Term Sub Interviews 10:30 and 11:00, 2nd Grade ME BOX Museum 5:30-7:30

Wednesday-McCaffery at ADMIN all day

Friday-GRN Family Carnival 5:00-7:00

MAPs Makeups this week.

Professional Development Plan for October 7th

These PD Days are designed differently than in the past. Below is the agenda for the following PD Days: October 7th, November 28th, and February 20th.


  • 7:30-9:15-GRN Staff will meet to work on Building Goals(PDSA). We will meet at the High School in Rooms 114-115.(SS Department)
  • 9:45-11:45-Everyone will be working in a District Leadership Committee. These meetings will be at the High School. The committee work during this time was to relieve the after school meeting time. All teaching staff will be assigned to 1 committee. Flannery will be sending more details soon.
  • 11:45-3:30- Lunch and Professional Time GRN staff will head back to GRN. During this professional time you may choose to schedule the following:

*Grade Level Meetings

*Meetings with McCaffery to discuss SLO


*Planning with Learning Strategist

*Educator Effectiveness Responsibilities

-These afternoons can also be flexible. In other words, you may leave early if you have stayed or know you are going to be staying late for a concert, Round Up etc.

If you want to schedule times with me on this day, please email me so I can get them on my schedule.

Lunch Times

This is a friendly reminder to try to get to lunch on time. Some students at the end of the line have only been getting 5-10 minutes to eat.

SLO and PPG Due Date-October 31st

Safety Online Trainings Due September 30th

Biometric Screenings At GRN September 28 and Oct 6th.

If you need a biometric screening for OASDs insurance, don't forget to schedule your screening. The email came from Pam Casey on 9/8.

Packer Raffle-PTA Fundraiser

The PTA is trying a new fundraiser. They are teaming with Mark Mayfield, a former GRN parent. Students will be given the opportunity to sell tickets that are $5 for one ticket or 5 tickets for $20. If GRN sells 2,500 tickets, a Green Bay Packer will visit Greenland for a day. The fundraiser (selling tickets) will start Oct 3rd and end Oct 17th.

The PTA will give a brief explanation at our Sept staff meeting.

Welcome Linda

Greenland is welcoming Linda Optiz as GRN's Math Interventionist. Linda will be providing Math Intervention to students in and out of the classroom.

Club Hours

Greenland has 65 Club Hours still available. If you are interested in starting a club, please let me know.

Service Delivery Meeting Update

Last week, the Service Delivery Team met. We discussed how services are being implemented at GRN and the barriers. Our next step is to problem solve around the barriers. Please see the following people for more details: Deirdre, Megan, Aimee, Betsy, Stacey, Michelle, Carrie, and Kathy for more details.

Sunshine Dues

Please see Molly's email regarding Sunshine Dues. Thanks to Sunshine for all the celebration planning.

Weekly Specials Plan


Grades K

Lesson 1 team challenge and free choice.

Lesson 2 fitness run and team Touch & Run activity.

Lesson 3 scramble and hopscotch.

Grades 1-4

Lesson 1 Rainbow Run and free choice.

Lesson 2 fitness run and team Touch & Run activity.

Lesson 3 scramble and hopscotch.


All classes will continue to sing Rock Around the Clock

Kindergarten will be working on singing alone and using singing/speaking/whispering/calling voices using “Old Queen Heinzelman,” “Grandpa’s Farm” and “Make a Sound”

First Grade will be playing Hot Cross Buns on the xylophones and writing ta and rest

Third Grade will be reviewing whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and adding accompaniments to the Canoe Song.

Fourth grade will be finishing up learning about the string family and start learning about the woodwind family of instruments.

OPEF Donations

The Oconomowoc Education Foundation recently donated $3,500 towards the Greenland Outdoor Learning Garden. To help support, OPEF Greenland is creating a basket for the Auction in October. The theme will be a gardening basket. If would like to donate an item, please feel free to drop it in my office.

Homecoming Spirit Week

Greenland will be participating in a homecoming spirit week. Homecoming Week is September 26th. Below are the daily themes for the week.

Monday-PJ Day

Tuesday-Neon-Bright Color Day

Wednesday-Crazy Sock Day

Thursday-Greenland or OASD Spirit Wear

Friday-50s Dress Up and/or Black and White