PALCS Day of Service

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Day of Service

Today, January 18, 2016, the United States will recognize the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To honor Dr. King’s legacy, the entire PALCS community will be participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service by working together to address a variety of needs.

Last week, you were given suggestions for ways you can spend your day of service. Today, you will have the opportunity to share with the PALCS community how you spent your day of service.

Time to Serve!

Review your service options below.

After completing your service option, please respond to the padlet at the bottom of this lesson.

Service Choice #1 - Book Buddies

Come to PALCS and join your teachers to serve our community.
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Service Choice #2 - On Your Own

Complete a service activity on your own. You could serve in your community or even in your home!

Here are some ideas for serving:

- Send a letter to encourage someone in the military.

- Make fleece blankets or cards for children in the hospital.

Blankets are easy to make and involve no sewing. The blankets can be donated to a

children’s wing of a hospital or a daycare center.

( to-Make-a-Blanket)

- Make cards for nursing home residents.

- Donate books to shelters, after-school groups, hospitals, and nursing homes.

- Donate clothes to a local shelter or the Purple Heart.

- Shovel snow or clean house for elderly or disabled neighbors.

- Create a game day at a local home for adults with disabilities.

- Pick up trash in your neighborhood.

- Donate food to a food bank.

- Do random acts of kindness for others.

Service Choice #3 -PALCS Pittsburgh Volunteer Event

Help us serve those in need by joining us for a day of service! Location TBD -

Service Choice # 4- Kerr Park Cleanup

Meet up with PALCS teachers at Kerr Park in Downingtown to help cleanup the park! Students should arrive between 10:00-10:30 with an adult and cleanup will go from 10:30-12:00. All students need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the cleanup.

To learn more about Kerr Park, visit

Service Choice #5- Paul's Run Retirement Community

Teachers and student will help the residents prepare brown bag lunches for the homeless and/or the Philadelphia shelter. Students can also visit with the residents and share lemonade and cookies. Students should arrive by 10:00am with an adult. All students need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the day.

To learn more about Paul's Run Retirement Community, visit

Be a Photographer!

Please take photos during your Day of Service so you can share your experience with your teacher and classmates! Post them on the Padlet at the bottom of the lesson.

Virtual Assembly

Assembly Cancelled

We do sincerely apologize, but there will be no assembly today. We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.
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In the spirit of Dr. King and fresh beginnings for the new year, we hope you consider continuing the service learning or volunteering you provide for the MLK Day of Service so that it becomes a weekly or monthly event. Your positive contribution towards your community is invaluable and can provide benefits for both you and the organization you choose to help.