U.s customary system


Uses diffrent systems

The u.s. customary system consest of a lot of graphs and charts to measure ,how awesome is that!

The u.s. customary system is awesome :D

It can be used in a verity of places

Using measuring tools

Guaranteed to be used in the future

What is the u.s customary system used for

What measurements do you use


2 cups:1 pint

How many cups are in 3 gallons

How many quarts are in a 5 gallons?

How many cups are in 1 quart


Cups are the smallest unit of the u.s. custamary system

U.s custamary system

The system for measuring liquid

Gallon man

Gallon man represents cups,pints,quarts,gallons

Why is the u.s. customary system important

The u.s. customary system is important, because to measure verity of liquids,the soda cans we drink uses the u.s. customary system,over all we use the u.s. customary system everyday!
There is 16 cups in 1 gallon.there is 8 pints in 1 gallon.

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