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the stuff i did to day

today I did my word study and wrote a story.

the story

The Boy Who Lived In A Shoe.

There once was a boy who lived in a shoe. The shoe was wooden and cold.The boy,named Hansel, had splinters all up his back. His family constantly starving could not hunt because his gun powder was wet. Soon all his family perished,all but him and his mother. Later that night his mother got very sick. She needed a doctor,But they were poor. The next day the boy got his gun and bayonet and stabbed three deer. Then he got his ax and chopped down five trees. With the wood he made a mast and some wheels. with the deer hide he made a sail. He had sent his mother to live with his uncle. The boy then worked as a blacksmith apprentice. He had made enough money to buy a cannon. His master had given him a sword for his work. The last thing he did on land was make the dutch flag. he was ready to set sail. As he was sailing he encountered some pirates. He used his cannon to cripple the ship. some of the remaining pirates pledged their weapons to him. As he got older he fell in love with a girl named anjea. They soon married. Then the king of england was after him. He the dutch army and navy,and his band of pirates were in for the fight of their lives. They were in battle at amsterdam. A british officer stabbed him in the stomach and right before he died he killed the the last british troop.