Solar Energy

By Candice Williams and Breahna Doggett

Description of the Energy

  • Solar Energy is radiant light and heat from the sun taken in using a range of different evolving technologies

Is it Renewable or Nonrenewable?

  • Solar Energy is renewable.

Brief History

  • Solar Energy started in the 7th Century B.C. and is still used today.
  • It stared out with us concentrating the sun's heat with glass and mirrors to light fires.
  • In 1953, Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin discover the silicon solar panel.
  • In 1956, the first solar panels became available commercially.

Environmental Impacts


  • using the solar panels to generate electricity doesn't cause pollution
  • increases home safety
  • stabilizes the economy


  • habitat loss
  • water use
  • use of hazardous materials in manufacturing

Major Uses

  • Solar panels can be used to generate electricity from sunlight, it is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy.

3 Reasons Why People Should Use Your Energy

  1. Solar energy is healthier for the environment rather than using conventional power.
  2. Solar energy will save money each month, and the solar panels will make your house more valuable if decided to sell in the future.
  3. Solar panels are durable, no moving parts so they will not be damaged easily and have lower chances of an interruption in your service.
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