Mentor Texts

By: Sahyra Lujan

What are Mentor Texts?

Mentor texts are models that show students and teachers how to write well within a genre. These texts serve as "mentors" for students when writing. The students can use these texts instead of relying on the teacher for guidance. Students can turn to these texts for ideas and seek help when they have trouble with writing.

Main Ideas/Key Points

  • Mentor texts support writing within science and social studies
  • Mentor texts help teachers meet Common Core expectations

Why do teachers use mentor texts?

  • Students become better writers if they have more opportunities to read quality writing
  • Teachers who feel less comfortable with teaching writing can use mentor texts in their instruction to help show students a variety of techniques in writing and supports them in helping students learn to write better.
  • By using mentor texts, students can immediately see the expectations for their writing and can be guided not only by their teachers but also by the mentor texts written by professionals in their field of study

Mentor texts within Science

  • Writing informational texts
  • Look at structure
  • Ways with words: can notice the ways in which the author uses language and stylistic decisions to convey certain points.

How can I use mentor texts in my classroom?

Mentor texts are great for students because it shows the students what the teacher expects from them. I think it is always great to see an example of an assignment that the teacher wants us to do because I can follow the guidelines from that assignment. I would use this in my classroom for when I am teaching my students how to write persuasive, expository, informational, and narrative papers/texts. It is always smart to show a model/example to your students before they actually begin to write it. Mentor texts are also great for ESL students because they can have the mentor texts as a support for them to write their papers.

Questions to think about

1.) Why do you think mentor texts are used in the classroom? would you use them in your classroom?

2.) Do you think mentor texts are beneficial for both the teacher and student? why or why not?

3.) How can you use mentor texts in other subjects?

Using Mentor Texts in the Classroom

Using Mentor Texts

The Power of Using Mentor Texts

The Power of Using Mentor Texts and Being a Writing Mentor for our Students