Childrens Survival

How can we keep children alive longer than 5 years?

Rwanda's History

Did you know that Rwanda population is divided into 3 ethnic groups such as the Hutus, Tutsis, and Twa/Pygmies. There is also recorded evidence that people living in Rwanda have been farming and gathering since 500 BCE and started farming 2,000 years ago

Rwanda's History

Rwanda was a colony of Germany in 1895 and in Belgium in 1923. After they gained independence in 1962, the President of Rwanda was killed in a plane crash in 1994.The Hutu political leaders began a campaign of genocide against all Tutsis. !00 days of killings passed and,Tutsu-led Rwandan Patriotic Front captured the capital.

Facts of Rwanda

Invisible children

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What other terrible events are happening in Africa?

There is an organization many call Invisible Children. What is Invisible Children? Invisible Children is an organization In Central Africa (mostly Uganda) that raises money to help stop an evil man named Joseph Kony to stop abducting children to make solders and to fight in his army of children. Why is he doing this? Joseph Kony was part of a group that didn't agree with there president, but they didn't act out they just didn't agree, but there leader died and Joseph Kony stepped in and didn't like the way the group was, so he changed it and gave reasons to overrule the government. Many left the group knowing that it was wrong, but few still stayed or joined. Because many didn't agree he started abducting children and making them as solders to help make him stronger. He forces them to invade villages and kill many families (Including there own.) Today Joseph Kony is the most wanted man in Africa.